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Tariffs: Weddings, 15 Years, Graduations
Grand Marquis New Generation
Model 1992 to 1994
Color Negro
$1,770.00  $320.00 
Lincoln Town Car
Color Negro
$2,280.00  $380.00 
Classic Marquis
Model 1982 to 1984, for six passengers, nine meters in length
Color Blanca
$2,030.00  $380.00 
Marquis New Generation
Model 1998, for seven passengers, nine meters in length
Color Blanca
$2,400.00  $530.00 
Lincoln Cartier
Model 1998, for 7 passengers, 9 meters in length
Color Negro
Color Blanca
$2,660.00  $530.00 
Model 1994, for four passengers, seven meters in length
Color Blanca
$2,660.00  $530.00 
Marquis Extra Long
Model 1998, for ten passengers, eleven meters in length
Color Negro
$3,170.00  $800.00 
All prices are in Mexican Pesos and do include taxes
Decorated with 3 White Bows for Weddings or 3 Pink Bows for 15 Years
Honorary driver, Gasoline, Travel Insurance
Six Hours of Service
Total Payment in Cash or by Check at the Time of Contraction
Official Identification, complete hour data and map of location where we shall present ourselves
In services out the city: food, hosting, toll roads and tips for drivers.
In services in the city:  tips for  drivers.
For contraction, payment should be made in total at the moment of the reservation, and prices this month are not subject to change until December 31st, 2005 if reserved this month.
You can pay for your reservation by bank deposit:
Santander Bank, account number 92000251157 in the name of  Arrendadora Ejecutiva Internacional S.A. de C.V. and then send the deposit slip by fax to 5488-2438 to secure your reservation
Turismo Leibnitz S.A. de C.V.
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